The Essential Hemp™ Difference

Not all hemp oil for sale is created equal. Essential Hemp™ has worked tirelessly to offer you the best hemp oil products at the some of the most affordable pricing available on the market today. Here are six major ways Essential Hemp™ is shaking up the hemp oil industry.


Industry Leading Affordability

Our prices are the way they are because we have no interest in gauging our customers. We do not need to markup our products 20x, like many other hemp oil product manufacturers in the marketplace. We here are Essential Hemp™ firmly believes that the better we treat our customers, the better off they will be and in turn the better off we will be.

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Always Lab Tested

Other hemp oil companies say that they test their products, but do they? Are you sure that they don’t just test one product and throw the results up on their websites as a sly attempt to trick customers? One of our primary objectives is to provide complete test results for all of the products that it sells. Very few company’s take quality and consumer safety as seriously as Essential Hemp™ does.

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Organic Ingredients

Why don’t the big hemp companies use more organic ingredients? We can’t answer that, but we can say that we do use organic ingredients in our hemp oil products and are proud to say so. Essential Hemp™ is one of the only companies in the industry that uses certified organic MCT oil and organic virgin expeller pressed hemp seed oil in its hemp tinctures. It’s more expensive for us, but it allows us to make a healthier product for you.
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Terpene Enhanced +

What are terpenes? They are these wonderfully diverse compounds that gives hemp its unique aroma and flavor characteristics. Essential Hemp™ enhances its products with a wide range of delightful terpenes to its hemp oil products, which significantly fills out missing components from the “spectrum,” which is a massive problem with the majority of other hemp oils on the market today. Essential Hemp™ formulation scientists have gone above and beyond and have crafted some truly unique products using our exclusive terpene technology.

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Better Tasting Products

Have you tasted hemp oil before? If so, you have probably encountered some nasty, grassy, and all-around terrible tasting. Essential Hemp™ saw this as a big problem with the industry, however hemp companies didn’t want to address it—but we did. Our expert flavor chemists worked tirelessly to create our flavored hemp oil tinctures. But don’t just take our word for it, try for yourself.
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Quality Standards

Essential Hemp™ is one of the only hemp companies in the industry who took it upon themselves to build an in-house quality control (QC) laboratory to ensure the purity of our products for each lot. We put consumer safety first. Our standards go above and beyond any hemp industry-specific regulatory standards.